We see opportunities...

JDI smart web applications is distinguished for its development of smart, tailor-made web applications. For us, this starts with a proud team, full of energy, which together with our client, puts the end client at the centre of what we do.

With our committed and innovative clients, we discover and explore opportunities to improve and automize their primary process, in order to create for them a unique, tailor-made, smart and user-friendly web application. A web application which perfectly matches the wishes and requirements of our client and their end clients. But above all, a web application which improves the performance of our client and their end clients.

Together, we continue to develop and refine the product, in order to always remain one step ahead of the competition. We achieve this with our multidisciplinary team, which approaches the projects on an Agile basis and works according to the Scrum method.

Our web applications are user friendly and, like our team, accessible and approachable.

'Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.'

Holacracy: a self-steering organization

JDI does not have a hierarchy. We work with self-steering teams, Agile and with a specific approach to the division of tasks and decision-making, namely: Holacracy. In a Holacracy, the responsibility and decision-making authority lies at the work floor and is based on a horizontal organizational structure. With this, innovative ideas and solutions quickly receive attention, which makes us a flexible and action-oriented organization.