Investigate: digitization for the customer

Circulus Berkel provides waste management services in public spaces for nine municipalities. By communicating proactively, the company wishes to stay one step ahead of its more than 610,000 customers, so it can provide an optimum service that matches all the customers’ requirements.  The desired destination is: to identify, on the basis of research, the top reasons that customers visit the Circulus Berkel website to use important functionalities. And, through digitization on the basis of countless automized links with its internal ICT infrastructure, to provide maximum customer support.

Organize: unique web application through Agile approach

The goal was ambitious and not feasible in one all-encompassing plan. We therefore took an Agile approach in order to arrive at a unique web application. The opportunities primarily lay in providing the right functionalities for the residents of the nine municipalities and in streamlining the communication. With this, the service provision could be maximally aligned with the customers' requirements.

Develop: a web application that offers users what they truly need

The result was a unique web application with links to diverse systems, one of which is the ARIS waste management system. Besides the multiple online functionalities that the web application offers, the residents can see, for example, when their waste containers will be emptied and how much credit they have left on their waste disposal cards. In short, the residents now have access to digital functionalities that they truly need.

Techniques used: JDI backoffice in Play framework, JDI boilerplate in VueJS, Webpack, Testing - Cypress and Zabbix monitoring.

Optimize: maximum support with a co-evolving web application

Together, we continuously investigate where the opportunities still lie. The aim is for the web application to evolve alongside the organization and the ever-changing needs of the customer. For instance, a pilot was recently conducted with nappy containers. This was in response to the residents’ request to be able to separate nappies and incontinence pads from the general waste. The pilot was successful and has resulted in a permanent nappy container. With these kinds of activities and by continuing to explore the opportunities still to be tapped into, Circulus Berkel can continue to offer maximum online support to its customers and its internal organization.