But what actually is Smart Industry?

The organization Smart Industry, for which we are an ambassador, has an ambition: that by 2021, the Netherlands will have the most flexible and the best digitally connected production network in Europe. This is an ambition that we support 100%, and that we are already working hard towards, together with our clients.

But let's start at the beginning: what actually is Smart Industry, or Industry 4.0? Firstly, it is a name for a trend towards automization and data exchange within industrial production techniques. By extracting information from machines, you acquire information about what is actually happening. This information enables companies to optimize their business processes at a faster pace. This creates new opportunities, such as shortened lead times and a more efficient working method.

Smart Industry: this is how it benefits you

We strongly believe that you can progress much further as an organization when you share your in-house knowledge and seek out collaboration with the entire chain. By doing so, the automization of processes can be accelerated and the competitive position of Dutch industry, and your own competitive position in particular, is improved.

By sharing knowledge and seeking out collaboration, we and our fellow ambassadors are ready for the future. A future that consists of extensive digitization and the interweaving of machines, production tools and organizations, whereby new production methods, new business models and new sectors emerge. Ultimately, the only constant is change itself!

Smart Industry solution in house

We'd like to make the story more tangible, so we're super proud to tell you about our Smart Industry references. For example, our online product configurator which facilitates faster, more sustainable and cheaper production and above all enables the highest quality customization. With this, the customers' requirements are met: fast delivery of well-priced tailor-made products with small batch sizes.

Smart Industry doesn't end with the first improvement opportunity. By continuing to develop in small, manageable steps, and continuing to share knowledge and to work together, together we can keep one step ahead of your competition!

Would you like to know more about Smart Industry? Then go to: www.smartindustry.nl