Crystal clear risk classifications

Your company operates internationally and has sites throughout the world. These sites are located in both high-risk and low-risk areas. Unwanted external influences such as break-in, sabotage, terrorism and unwanted visitors are always a threat. It is therefore essential to have a crystal-clear picture of the risk classifications for each site of your organization. After all, only then do you know which measures need to be taken to protect the sites against these influences.

The security vulnerability self-assessment web application efficiently and accurately maps the risk classifications for each site. With this, you know exactly whether a particular measure is necessary; if it is not, this enables you to proactively save on costs.

How it works

The head of security is usually consumed by piles of paperwork; this makes it difficult to maintain an overview, let alone to see where things need to be modified and where savings can be made. The security vulnerability self-assessment web application takes this work off your hands. The application is web-based and created on the basis of your organization-specific survey, plus the corresponding applicable security criteria. Your security manager fills in the survey for the site that he/ she is responsible for. As head of security, you can therefore see exactly which security managers still need to do this and which are working on it. And even better, you don't have to chase anyone up because reminders to fill in the survey are automatically sent to each security manager.

Fully automized reporting

The end result is a fully automized report per site, accomplished via the algorithms, stating the site security classification and the site risk level. As an extra bonus, the application also offers points for improvement and cost-saving suggestions. Consider, for example, security measures that are not necessary but still in place.

And there are many more benefits still. For instance, the auditor can view the survey completed by the site security manager and check the responses; with this, you can be sure that the survey has been filled in correctly. Furthermore, the web application can be used for different types of assessments, for example industrial or administrative locations.

A step ahead with the security vulnerability self-assessment

To ensure the web application operates as efficiently and accurately as possible, we periodically investigate, together with you, the opportunities that still remain to be tapped into. With this, you will always be at least one step ahead of those unwanted external influences!

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